Editing a file problem

So I have this old file that I made in fusion. I am in the process of editing it and am trying to delete some of it and am running into problems.
I have added some lines to the eyes

and I am trying to delete everything else but the very outside perimeter line and these two around the eyes.
Every thing seems so go as normal, it removes a line, but there is a line that remains. and that one I can not highlight to delete.
I have done this before on this file and it worked fine but not today.
Spiderman masking for eyes v1.f3d (2.6 MB)
Thank you for taking time to look at this!

well i am still setup from the last stream, lets take a look .

Live Stream Channels

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I see you are using a base feature which is through you off. Ill recreate the f3d and repost

try this f3d

spiderman new file tin mod.f3d (818.2 KB)


Thanks for taking a look at this.
I never learned to use history and have never really messed with it.
At one time I think I went in and turned it on, which I thought would always turn it on for and drawings I made. But I guess I need to look into more and find out why it’s not working.

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I think the timeline is working but in the f3d you posted you are working off a “base feature” which acts differently.