Edge start cutting

How does one approach cutting from an edge?
I have a pro with thc and hypertherm 45xp

Material is 1/4 × 24 x 24 inch carbon steel.
I need to cut a pair of 12 x 24 inch parts.

There is no need for an edge start on 1/4" material.

Its possible and can be quite challenging to index a piece of material like that.

It is far better to have a blank bigger of material.

I’ve had a few projects where the blank size and the material size of the same width, it was for some hori hori.
And it is a huge pain it’s far better just have bigger material cut out the entire outside shape.

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Thanks @TinWhisperer
I am trying to convince the guy of that
He wants the keep mtrl cost down

The perimiter is not critical
The bottom long edge will be welded

I am thinking of two pierces right next to each other on one angled edge. They would just run off in opposite directions.

Would it damage anything if the torch run off the edge of the material into open air?

The voltage won’t be detected when the torch exits the steel so it will go out.

Simple approach is always designing parts to fit inside the material not maxed out on the material.

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It’s not going to damage the torch but it’s likely going to extinguish the arc.

Everything he is going to save in material you’re going to burn in labour


Have you tried laying out two parts where they share the long side as a single cut BUT the two parts have together (back to back) been rotated inside the 24x24 material (may even require a slight offset in their long edges)?

Not having the DXF ourselves, I can’t confirm if that would work. But it just might.


I like ‘out of the box’ thinking! :beers:

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@TinWhisperer “you’re going to spend in labor”
For sure. And have a crappy looking part doesn’t do much for the reputation.

Thanks @john_s That’s a good idea. I’ll check when I get home.


Could you lay a 1" frame of sacrificial bars of aluminum butted up along the sides of the sheet and start in them? Or, get a larger sheet, cut a full perimeter nest for your smaller part sheet, and re-use it for each one you cut?

All good ideas. He is going to scale down the perimiter to fit the material he is supplying.

Thank you all for your input.