EasyScriber and cutting

Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out how to do both steps? I set it up as two layers in sheetcam but when I went to run it it just engraved the entire thing. I was looking to be able to engrave it and then cut out the perimeter. Is that done in sheetcam or ??
Also, my first test of easyscriber was a success but I think it spent more time travelling up and down the Z axis than it did on XY. I’m assuming I need to set some parameter to minimize this but not sure where.
Any guidance would be appreciated, even if it is to informative videos

I’m following as I want to get a scriber but they don’t have one for my torch type. I’d have to get the universal and adapt it. This is from their website on sheetcam settings. EasyScriber Machine Specific Settings

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Are you using sheetcam? I have been trying to get my easyscribe to work properly. I can get it to work by disabling IHS but it won’t pick back up between scribes. Basically by manually setting the Z height it will stay at that Z height the entire time. With IHS on, it will scribe for a little while and then through an IHS error code.

The answer to your issue, you need to put the stuff you want to scribe on a separate layer. I’d have to know what software you are using to help you. As for the up and down on Z, the easiest way to fix this, would be to modify your G-Code. Again, I’d need to know what software you are using. It is easy to do in sheetcam because they have a find and replace feature.