Easiest solution for cutting rectangles

Hey All, new to this world. I need to cut 1/2 inch x 12 inch rectangles. I created a sketch to do this out of a bigger sheet of metal which worked. I bought sheets of metal that are 10 inch x 12 inch. Is there a way to set up a sketch to do single lines? Start at 1 end, move over 1/2 inch, go straight down, move over 1/2 inch do another line and etc. Since it’s already the 12 inches I need on 1 side I only need straight lines to do the 1/2 inch separation.


What software are you using to do the drawing? Fusion, Inkscape, Corel, AI?

I am using fusion 360

I assume you’re trying to use items on hand, but you may find it much more conducive to just use 1/2” flat stock in this scenario.

It’s cheap even at the big box stores, nearly free at a steel yard.

You can make a sketch in fusion with your lines, then simply select each line for the cutting toolpath.

You would need to adjust your sketch for the cutting kerf, and set your cutting to centerline.

This could also be hand written, and probably with Macros. I have not setup my machine yet, so I have not had a chance to see how Macros work with Mach 3 yet.