Dxf to gcode converting?

Anyone else tried to convert a dxf file to gcode and upload it to Mach?

What software are you using?

Just set up tooling and cut paths in fusion360 cad, post process and open in mach

There is an entire series of video tutorials on the Langmuir website explaining how to do exactly this. They are really helpful, you should watch them.

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Maybe I havent got to those yet. Thanks

As i stated in other posts in Fusion 360 you don’t have to extrude anything you can “cam” from your sketch geometry just an fyi.

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That is what I usually do. Sometimes though it is easier to extrude it and select the extrusion for the tool path rather than selecting 500 little chunks of line in the sketch

Hello- I purchased a lic for mach3 and they have a program called lasycam which I use from autocad dxf file to mach3. Lazycam creates the gcode. Go to http://www.machsupport.com/software/mach3/ and download lazycam(beta). works ok