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What are some good sites to use to find already built DXF files for tractor attachments? I am wanting to build me a set of brackets for a kubota excavator KX161 and when I search on google for dxf files like that…all it returns is dxf files of cutting out full excavators like for a sign or something. So, didn’t know if anyone had a few good ‘goto’ sites for buying dxf files. Thanks!

How accurate is that drawing.

Could sketch over top of the canvas feature in Fusion 360 to make a very close representation?

I have a little time before I have to head out this morning I’m going to give it a quick try

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Wow that is awesome! I did not even know about the sketch over the top canvas feature!! Thank you so much! I just screen shot the drawing off of the internet, so I do not know how accurate it is but what you are doing would at least give me a start ! Thanks so much!

here is a start (link above ) but someone went through some trouble to distort that image.

Maybe the factory manual will have better dimensions?

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Yeah. That image is not to scale. I scaled it up to the length in the drawing and the height was off by 27mm. If I had the tractor, I could take some measurements of the distances between the holes and it would be a pretty simple part to draw.

Thank you both so much…guess I may just have to buy the brackets so I can take some actual measurements…then could I get back on this thread and maybe y’all could help me draw the file and I could learn how to do that based on taking some measurements…which will help me with future drawings

I would search out a workshop manual or a spec sheet or some kind of PDF that has a cross-section of that bucket and we can glean the information from it.
From that we should be able to get a very accurate drawing.
I wonder if you phoned a Kubota dealership if they would be able to send out a spec sheet from one of their books?

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I will look into this. thank you!

s-l500 (1)

something like this from one of the manuals .

center to center hole dimensions would be fantastic

wow crazy money for these

Looks like the search terms are KX161 U45

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That price is insane. Walmart has them for $68 and there are several sellers on ebay in the $160 to $200 range for the ears.

yes sir, that is why I was trying to build versus buy them.

perfect. thank you!

this listing has some more measurements.

s-l500 (4)
s-l500 (3)
s-l500 (2)

Better flatter picture too

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wow…thank you! I looked and looked and still didn’t find as good as info as y’all did

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I think @TinWhisperer has developed his own search engine that can spit out any manual know to man. :wink: The guy has amazing search skills!! I think @toolboy accurately dubbed his superhero personality as Manual Man!


I discovered that to be true!!

more information

Fits Kubota U45 Super Series Quick attach bucket. Attachments come in a Set (2).

MEASUREMENTS: From the center of radius to the center of radius is 9.591in(243.6mm). From the center of radius to the center of hole is 4.379in(111.2mm)

pin centers for the U45 bucket ears is the dimensions we need.

@wferguson Let me know what you come up with, my interest is peaked now.


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now that I am seeing these are 7" wide at the widest point…I don’t have any stock that wide around the house…looks like I may just have to order them.

that google search link is like dynamite…no lack of good results from that query!

some more research . there are two heights.

one standard

and the extended

058eb655a4e6eb1c59a55bfa1d603a1e871ccab4_2_652x500 (1)

I phone my Kubota dealer in town and they said they don t have the information but if I want to come measure at the dealership that is cool with them.

The edge to be welded is 15 5/8" long

This set will fit the following Kubota models:



The Kubota U45 quick coupler measures:

  • From the center of radius to the center of radius is 9.591in(243.6mm).
  • From the center of radius to the center of hole is 4.379in(111.2mm)

more measurement .

I think we can get this figured out.