Duramax Machine torch worth it

Hey everyone. I recently purchased a used Hypertherm 45xp but it came with the T45V torch. I am wondering if it is worth the money to upgrade to the duramax machine torch. Cut quality, dross, etc. I currently use both the t45v and t30v consumables on my machine depending on what im cutting but have heard that the duramax stuff is nicer and the fine cut consumables are killer.

I know it would certainly be nice to be able to run at a higher IPM and amps with some fine cuts as I have to go pretty slow and lower my amps to 30 when using the t30v “fine cut” consumables but im questioning if its worth it as the torch is not cheap and consumables are more costly.

I’ve only used the duramax torch so I have no reference. But the consumables seem to last forever, I cut pretty darn fast, and the fine cuts make a nice difference.

I am mostly wondering if it would reduce dross on my parts if I was to use them. I run at 85 IPM right now with my 30 amp stuff, and then 200 IPM with the 45 amp stuff (really wide kerf though) and the stuff I cut at 45 and 200 comes out pretty darn clean. So logically it should be a big improvement, was just hoping to hear from someone thats made the switch as its a big ish investment that I might not need to make lol.

What gauge material are you cutting, are you even close to book specs?

I’m cutting 12ga with 30 amps and 85 IPM.

Really awesome to see all the Toyota people on here too - I have a 87 pickup I’m working on.