DUDE, freaking LINUX!

Look, Scorch is just a dude writing code, and if you look at his page for K40 Whisperer (K40 Whisperer)

Even this guy has several versions for Windows, AND a port for Linux and Mac.

You’ve gotta be kidding me with your ‘too busy with other things because it’s a low demand issue…’


What is this all about? Not sure if your asking for help or trying to provide it?

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Appears he is splashing the pot…

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Not sure what this has to do with, sure don’t think it’s adding anything to the forum

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I don’t think he’s getting enough attention with his other Linux thread, so he started a new one to show how easy it should be for Langmuir to create a Linux version of Firecontrol.


So what? Here’s a good list of grbl senders. Have you tried any of these with your Crossfire? None will work with the LS THC though.



I noticed all of his comments were deleted this morning for another thread.