Dry run, then continue cut from specific point in program?

Big question? Is there a way to dry run the first half of a program, then pick back up and restart cutting from a specific point?

I was cutting a somewhat simple but large shape and keeping the cut right at the edge of the plate. Long story short, ran the torch off the edge of the plate, as it wasn’t 100% square.

Has some intricate cuts within the part, error was cutting around the outside perimeter.

Is there a way I can pick back up where the torch moves away from that edge and restart cutting?

Specially dry run a program and then start from a certain spot in the program to restart the cutting operation?

Tried to dry run by switching THC off, it still fires the plasma from the IHC.

Just turn your plasma cutter off, run the program to the point you want, stop it and turn your plasma cutter back on and start it again. Other then you have to find the point in the gcode string to restart.

How does FireControl deal with M0 codes? If you know where in the G-Code the error occurred then you could edit the file, manually insert M0 and the execution should stop at that point. With Mach 3, you’d just hit Cycle Start to continue. I don’t know about FireControl behavior…

1). We need a “dry run” or “torch off” button.

  1. Same as if a cut is paused mid program, need a button to “run from here”.

#2 would involve manual firing the torch from the edge of previously cut, then hit run to re-initiate machine movement.