Dry Run Option in FireControl

Is there a way to do a dry run of my program with FireControl?
CNC milling machines can “cut air” by keeping the cutter above the material and running the program.

FireControl pauses the program and tells me the Arc Voltage was lost during the cutting program.
Is there and override or workaround to bypass the error?

Not having a PRO table myself (YET) :wink: … That sounds like a good question to me…

Turn off THC for the dry run??

You can dry run, by Editing the gcode file in notepad. Then use replace to change H1 ( THC On) to H0 (THC Off1), that’s it.

That did the trick.
Thank you,

You can also pull the torch fire plug from the electronics and disable THC to do this but it would be cool if FC had a button to disable torch fire to keep a dry run completely in software and not have to pull the plug.

I was just looking at FireControl and I noticed there is a switch (next to Settings) that turns off THC Control.
Turning that off lets me do a dry run of my program.
No g-code to edit and no plugs to pull.


<------ BINGO!!!

The problem with just turning off plasma and THC to dry run is the IHS. It still comes down to touch off. If no material, the torch will crash into the slats. No way to override IHS without editing code. Need a feature added so in dry run mode, IHS and THC are both off. @langmuir-daniel

We are already working on this- dry run mode will allow you to run with torch off, thc off, and either IHS on or off. Look for it in a future release.

Most excellent.