Dry air with Razor Cut 45

What are any of you doing for air/water filters or dryers with your razor cut 45 and langmuir tables? Obviously with this set up I’m looking for the cheaper but efficient options. Everything is working but I think not having enough dry air is effecting my cut quality and consumable life. Thank you.

jimtCrossFire PRO

Jan '19

I have what looks just like jamesdhatch has except i also have 2 more with filters and water separaters with drains that are all hooked together in one nice mountable peice. was like 105 bucks on ebay i think. And the one on the plasma cutter also. I leave the drain on compressor seep all the time. Damp and and cold here and no issues yet. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-2-COMPRESSED-AIR-INLINE-FILTER-DESICCANT-DRYER-3-STAGE-GOOD-FOR-PLASMA-CUTTER/252172639505?hash=item3ab6a91d11 This is what i still have after a year .


Do you run this at the plasma or at the compressor?

I have it at the compressor.

I watched some youtube videos and came up with this craziness. Seems to be coming out pretty dry

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This poormans air dryer is working very well for me, even on hot, humid days I get very little water out of the first 2 runs and none out of the last 2. It cost about $125 for all the parts to build it and once I got going it was kinda fun to build. I still have a filter behind it and it is always dry as could be.

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I only wish I had enough wall space to let me do that :slightly_smiling_face: