Dross cutting problem

I’ve been cutting on this table a long while now, but recently have been having some issues, see pictures below!

Used to have nice and clean cuts but now some dross has been bridging the backside of the cut. It’s not hard to clean it off but would like to limit it.

I’ve tried a lot, usually cut my 14g at about 160ipm at 35 amps

I’ve tried going up and down in amps, and even decreasing cut speed, as well as new consumables but doesn’t seem to help.

Tried changing the desiccant in my water traps too

Any ideas from you more seasoned guys?

Off the top of my head and in no particular order (not had my coffee yet):

  1. Check the work clamp for proper contact. Work clamp should be on the material, not the slats. and, electrical connection integrity at the work clamp (bolt and terminal).
  2. Check air pressure. Not only static but dynamic (about 10 to 15% drop at the machine’s gauge when torch is firing)
  3. Line voltage ok?
  4. Torch connection ok?
  5. Does the torch burn seem normal?

With heavier materials I just don’t have the problem only when cutting thin stuff.

And I clamp directly to the material, there may be a little corrosion or buildup of crap on the ground, I’ll check on that

Everything seems to cut/burn fine outside of this issue

1/4” and 3/8” done recently and it looked amazing

how far did you drop the speed?
I cut it at around 90ipm…35a…what size of tip are you using

Down to 115ipm, which is way slower than I ever have.

And 70amp consumables on an x45 torch. All from plasmadyn

I would try 100ipm…and possibly change out to a lower rated tip for fine cuts…

Some one need to get the right consumables for his torch.

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trust mechanic416 when it comes to torch consumables and torch information!!!

While I agree, I’ve been using these for quite a while. Why would they just now start behaving this way?

Maybe something is up with the sheet of steel. Seen a few oddball posts about weird performance despite nothing changed but the material. Have you measured it? Maybe it’s thicker than you think,

Torch height??

Possible, I’ll give it a check

I’m cutting 12 ga at 25 ipm. Very little dross. CRS.
ViperCut 30 full amps.