Drivers x y z on your mr1

Hi guys just a quick question has anybody has problems with their drivers in the z x or y on there mr1 I hope I’m not the only one that’s face this . My mr1 came to a standstill in the middle of an operation could not figure it out so I called Jake we ran some tests to find out the driver was bad just a quick question has anyone else seen this

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Converted all my drivers to the high output versions. I have had zero problems.

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I switched to Leadshine drivers that are a drop in replacement but are completely silent, use less power at idle (so the motors also don’t get hot) and don’t resonate in the same way. Totally worth the $200 upgrade ($50 per driver).

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I also have the high power drivers from Langmuir on x and z axis and I upgraded the original y drivers with Stepperonline DM860T which work silent and at half the cost of langmuir. Check my video here in the forum on the upgrade. Cheers


AlexW do you happen to have to the part numbers/model numbers for the drivers you used from Leadshine? thanks!

I’m still using the EM542S with my machine. I’m not using CutControl however, so I would check in with people who have upgraded drivers and are still using the stock software. The EM524S can be configured to be a drop-in replacement, but CutControl doesn’t give you any control over speed and acceleration.