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I bought this table 2 years ago when i opened my shop and have not used it once. (Crossfire 2x2) When i purchased the table it was in immaculate condition and stayed that way since. The seller did a test cut in front of me so i know all was in good order. When i finally got around to giving it a shot i had no idea what i was doing and got overwhelmed with it while i had. Countless other tasks i had to do so it got put on the back burner until now. I’m a SDVOB contractor and I’m trying to donate 100 signs to a veterans community by new years and i cannot even get the computer to recognize its connected to the Langmuir cpu. Doing some reading i came across a common problem with drivers but again I’m a novice with this so not sure what to do . If anyone has a few minutes and wouldn’t mind sending me an email so i can set up a phone call with them asap it would be greatly appreciated. I’m willing to pay for the help i know time is money , i just need to get this going because id really like to get these signs to the community on time . Thank you guys .

Joe Mc - - 347-909-2260

Welcome to the forum and great cause you are supporting!

It can be frustrating getting going, but once the initial hurdles are behind you, it’s not that bad.

All of the downloads you need can be found here. You’ll need the Firecontrol driver and a post processor to use when generating the code in your CAM software.
Downloads | Langmuir Systems

The workflow: Idea - to creating Design in CAD - to CAM for Generating G-Code for table controller - to Firecontrol to Cut can be found here:

Software Workflow | Langmuir Systems

Do you already have the signs designed in a CAD program? If so, what file format is the sign? Do you know what gauge metal you’ll use? Which model plasma cutter will you use?

I ask these question because there are a lot of folks on here who can help you get to the Cut stage if you need it.

You can upload you file here and we will help.

Welcome to the forum. The FIRST thing you need to do is determine which GENERATION 2x2 you have. There are two versions, they each require a different set of software to operate. Loading the wrong software will give you many headaches and it won’t work.

Look at this link and see which Crossfire you have:

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Wow…hopefully you have 10 helpers! Do you have any designs you planned on making? If you post an image I can try to make you one to cut.