Driver not installing in Mach 3 Plasma software

Plasma was cutting. No will not fire torch. Shows plasma on, but Dwell light flashes and no torch fire. When torch was firing, the plasma was cutting the outline before the hole. Unchecked the “reverse axis” in config, per suggestion of another feed. Now torch not firing at all. Tried to reinstall software, getting the following message:

Attempt to run drivertest.exe and says no driver installed. Verified wiring on plasma cutter is correct. This is for a Crossfire system with a Lincoln Tomahawk 625 plasma cutter.

I’m guessing, since the screen capture says your profile is Mach3Mill, that you have not followed the installation instructions properly. You need to install the Mach3 Crossfire controller plugin (Mach3-Crossfire-MotionControl-V1.dll) and use the CrossFire-v1.1.xml profile. Maybe you did at an earlier time, but since you’ve erased the old installation and reinstalled, you need to do it completely.

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