Drawing software

Had fusion360 free trial ran out. Anyone know of a software that works like 360 that is free. I have tried inkscape and freecad liked freecad but cant figure out how to convert to svg or dxf for sheetcam. New to this looking for help

Sorry, I can’t help myself: No, most of the free stuff works better and is easier to use.


I use AUTO CAD…it was free for my by way of bit torrent…pirate copy…hehehehehehe

If you like using fusion you can renew your subscription. I use fusion all the time and like it for the things I do but if you’re looking for something different I downloaded design spark mechanical after I seen another forum member talking about it, I haven’t used it a lot but with just the couple things I made with it there was a lot of similarities between it and fusion.

Use either the Draft or TechDraw workbench. Then pick File, Export and Flattened SVG.

Then in Sheetcam just import the drawing and setup your toolpaths.

In Freecad, make sure the sketch is highlighted in the tree on the upper left and go to “Export” under the “File” menu. If you have the sketch selected, it should bring up a menu for you to select the format to export. Choose “Autodesk 2d DXF” and save it to whatever folder you want to save it in.

I like Librecad https://librecad.org/ open source 2D design program. There’s also good video tutorials on you tube for it.

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I am using Corel PaintShop. It is the very easy and best drawing software. you can edit the images from here.