Drain valve for water table

I did not use gaskets. Instead, I used 3M 5200 fast-cure Marine Sealant… No issues!

@Cletus, what size bolts did you use? I’m inclined to make only 1/4" holes in the table and use 1/4-20 truss head screws and sealant under the heads before tightening. I’ve never used the 3M 5200 before so I have no idea how much ‘goop’ to use in the Flange bolt holes.

I used 1/4"x2 " SS carriage bolts. Made aluminum top-hat bushings for the flange holes. Was very liberal with the 5200. The 5200 is VERY messy and gets EVERYWHERE, use Isopropyl Alcohol for cleanup.

I just ordered the gaskets when I got the flanges from McMaster carr. I used flange bolts up top with rubber washers under them. No leaks.

I’m a big fan of 3M 5200 :rofl:

guys…all I did was cut the drain hole large enough to drop in a SS kitchen sink drain…

used a little plumbers putty under the flange edge on the top on the drain…

used the gaskets provided with the drain assembly…and voila…a drain…

it is almost flush with the table inside…1/16" higher tan the table bottom…no nuts in the way…no gaskets to cut…no marine epoxy…it is all stainless…cheap and easy…it also gives me 1-1/2" drain capacity…drains like a toilette bowl almost.


I did one better. I used my TIG to weld the two pans together and cut the same hole for the SS sink drain and just welded it in place. No putty, no screws and never any leaks. Buffed down the weld so it drains great!

Just make sure that whatever you use it on is supposed to stay there because it’s not coming off lol.
I did learn though that it can be disassembled by using a heat gun, which is fine on metal, fiberglass not so much

Curious how you cut the whole out in the drain pan? My table is bolted, glued and assembled, wish I had thought of sizing the drain before assembly. Thanks

Hmmm… If only you had some kind of computer controlled device that would cut circles in the pan using high energy electricity and compressed air… :rofl:
In all seriousness, use the table to cut the hole.


That’s what I did. Easy Peasy. I put a welding blanket under the table to catch the sparks.

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BINGO!!!..use the system you just built…

Thanks, Captain Obvious reporting for duty! Makes sense, I’m a newby have never used a plasma cnc. Getting close to firing it up.


… and so begins the path to obsession, late nights in a cold shop, with hundreds of “F-Bomb openers” scattered around. Oh, and tattered flags. Welcome to the club!


This is an interesting construction.