Drain Plug Dimple Die

Hey everyone,

I got my table working this weekend. I saw a few posts about some who modded their water tables to make the drain fitting flush with the bottom of the table. I was thinking of a way to cobble something together to make a dimple die but then I remembered that I have a CNC plasma cutter now (doh).

I made a dimple die that can be cut using the table. I figured that others could use it and it would probably get more eyes on the forum.



Clever. Probably could do that with a selection of fender and regular washers from the big box store. Definitely one of those “why didn’t I think about that” solutions :slightly_smiling_face:

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everybody doing this with the dimple design on there systems. L/S probably will change that .that will be a nice improvement… I will try the same thing. ! Thanks great idea

I did the same thing using the ball end of my ball peen hammer over a slice of pipe. About three hits and the game was over. Don’t hit the hardface ballpeen with another hardfaced hammer or bad s__t can happen.


I remembered the punch die method from building my airplane. I have a lathe so turned two pieces of round aluminum stock. One had a female cavity the other one I turned a diameter as a pilot hole for the pan hole and a larger diameter as the male press. Threaded for a rod and nutted her up. :slight_smile: I do like simple though and thought the ball peen/pipe method is very cool!

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