Downloading Sheetcam

So is Sheetcam not available for download on a Mac?

Windows, Linux, or a Windows clone running on an Intel powered MAC.

No it is not. I run Parallels on my mac to allow it. Does not need to be Intel powered…

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Really? I didn’t know that Parallels runs on the ARM MACs.

Runs on M1 which is the new processor.

Can I get steps on how to proceed with this. I’m new to sheet-cam so it would be very helpful. How exactly does parallel work ?

Parallels is a piece of software to allow you to run windows on your mac.

  1. Download Parallels onto the mac
  2. Create a virtual machine running windows using Parallels
  3. Download and install sheetcam on the windows machine running on your mac.

How old is your mac and how much available drive space do yu have?

This is what it looks like.

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