Download Fusion360 files

I am wondering if there is a way to download all my work files from Fusion360. I’ve emailed the company about it and haven’t heard anything back (been about a week or so).

Also, they are apparently changing their pricing and such, so is there a free or less expensive option that you guys would recommend? Or, is Fusion360 worth the price increase? (I’m currently on the startup business from them, which I was absolutely thankful to get for free this past year, unfortunately my business has not taken off like I was hoping.)

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I am thinking you make more than $1000/year from projects you design in Fusion 360? If not, you could switch to the free/hobby version of Fusion 360. That is still available.

As far as having a “Save All” file command, I am not aware. Obviously, you can save each one individually as dxf or f3d files. But if you are not going to have Fusion 360 available, the f3d files would be very awkward to use (i.e. send to a friend to peel out what you need).

If you are only doing 2D work there are lots of good and free alternatives plus pay for SheetCAM (one time charge). I dabbled in SolidEdge and liked it. Some really like LibreCAD. There are many others.

If you are doing sheet metal and 3D, I am not an authority on this by no means, but I think Fusion 360 may be a good bet. Buy the 3 year subscription before the start of the year and you are spared the price increase. By then you will know if your business venture is viable and the expense is justified.

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I appreciate the info - actually, I made less than $500 last year from the projects. I’m hoping to remedy that in the coming year - I’m not a very good marketer lol, but I’m learning the process.

I’ll take a look at those other programs and see what I can figure out. Thank you!

Well, there is NO reason to switch out of Fusion 360. Just change your license type. Apparently, you can keep all of your files and don’t have to move them.

This question was asked by someone in your situation back in 2018: “How do you retain all your settings/files/tool library etc when you migrate from a paid subscription to a hobbyist one?”

Answer: “Changing a license type will not have any effect on your data, there will be no need to migrate anything.”

Note: just make sure that you register for the personal use license with the same email and password to access your old files. If you use a new logon ID/password, you will not have access to those other files. Same thing when you are re-subscribing to the personal hobby license for the rest of us.

It also appears that as of October 2023 they have changed the “personal use” license to a 3 year length so, perhaps we will not need to ‘re-enroll’ every 12 months.

And, it used to be that you needed to wait until the 12 months had expired before the system would process your new subscription. Now they are allowing re-subscription within 20 days of expiring.

This page, published Nov 2023 by Autodesk goes into more detail: