Does any know where i can get new lead screws

the lead screw for the gantry has a slight bow to it and it causes it so bounce while in travel was curious to know if anyone knows where or how to go about getting another one

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You can contact Langmuir Systems. They will sell parts for their machines.

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I found that when assembling the bearing block on the end, that mine was slightly out of square, causing a bow in the lead screw. I realigned the plastic lead screw nut on the carriage by running it tight to the drive motor with it slightly loose, then retightened. Then I loosened the bearing block ran the carriage to the other end, and realigned the bearing block. It took the wobble out.


If bowed real bad, you can rotate in 1/16 increments, find the high side, and give a gentle push the opposite direction. Had to fine tune mine that way thanks to UPS.