Do not sell or share my personal information

Im new to this forum also new to plasma cutting. got myself a Mac air with Monterey windows every time I tried downloading fusion 360 will prompt a message “dot not sell or share my personal information” and will not do noting and loading circle . what setting I need to switch on my Mac to be able to download fire control and fusion 360, thank you very much

Sorry, I don’t know the Mac environment but it sounds like you have a firewall within your computer that is stopping the incoming file. Somehow, you need to tell your computer that you trust it.

It could be the anti-virus program. There are ways to suspend the anti-virus program but I don’t want to tell you to do that and then your computer gets infected.

Go on a Mac forum or google for Mac trouble shooting with the phrase that you are getting. That should bring up some information that will help. It is not Fusion 360 that is causing the problem.

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I did look for similar post but noting popped up.

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