Do I need the machine torch for my hypertherm 45 XP to use the CPC port that I bought from langmuir

I think I have this right I have a hypertherm 45 XP with a handheld torch. My understanding is the hand torch won’t fire because of the safety mechanism the way it is wired using the langmuir G2 with fire control. My understanding either I change the wiring around which I don’t want to do because I want to keep the handheld torch to use off site. So I have to order the machine torch then that should work with the CPC port that I bought from langmuir and I shouldn’t have any issues with it not firing this correct?
Thank you Pat

I read the same things for my hypertherm 65, so I got the machine torch and it was all plug-and-play.

Sounds good thanks for clarifying that. Unfortunately that damn machine torches expensive

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i ran into that to. make sure you have the machine upgrade kit to if you go the machine torch route mine didnt come with it

Can you explain that answer a little more? What upgrade?

Pat: did you get yours working?

Yes I got mine up and running. When I ordered my hypertherm XP 45 I ordered the port so when I had the machine torch it would fire through the program. The handheld torch I would had to rewire it to work. I did not want to do that because I’d like to take my hand torch with me when I go other places to work so I just ordered the machine torch leave that on the table. Cost a little bit but it was well worth to have my hand torch available to work at other sites. Any other questions I can answer try to please let me know sorry for the delay

Not all hypotherm 45 xp have the cpc port installed on it. Me not knowing I needed it had to order one then install myself

Do a search on the forum, there’s a thread. To use a hand torch as a machine torch plug and play with the cnc, you have to move one of the pins in the torch plug and zip tie the trigger on. It’s both a pain as I had to order pins and buy a cheap tool, and easy to do once you have them.

I think this is it: Hypertherm 45xp W/ CPC Port Wiring? - #12 by Meatballs

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