DIY Fume Extractor

So after using my table for the past couple weeks I have noticed that, even with a water table, I get a lot of fumes/“fog” in the air. I believe most of it is water vapor but there is obviously some stuff suspended in it because my dehumidifier had orange water in it from the rust lol.

I was wondering if anyone has made some sort of a fume extractor for theirs. I was thinking about attaching a shop vac hose to the gantry to follow the head (not too close) and suck up the fumes. I came across this website showing how a guy rigged up some carbon filters to the exhaust on his shop vac and I thought this would be great for what I want to do. Anyone have any feedback, concerns, or plans of their own? I would rather not vent it outside since that would be sucking my heat or AC out with it.

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That is cool and cheap ha., Everyone has a shop vac. I think its great if it works.

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I think I’m going to give it a shot. If it doesn’t work very well I won’t be out a whole lot of money. Once I get around to taking on this project I will try to remember to take pictures and post the results.

Please do, the floating fog annoys my wife, so if this works I will make one as well.


On my torchmate I have a water table, fume extractor and a fan.
So on the side below the rail i had my brother (who does hvac) bent up some thin duck work and I glued a flange to it hooked up to a ace industrial fume extractor. Above the table I have a fan (harbor freight dust collector) and drilled a hole to blow outside and made a clamp that attaches to the gantry

Sadly the motors on the fume extractor died and I need to replace them and the fan took a crap too. Probably because I don’t have a filter on the fan

I can get pics if interested


sure, lets see em :slight_smile:


Ok so I didn’t forget about ya. I got pretty sick for awhile and am still getting over it but I hope to have a setup put together soon. I bought the pvc components they talked about on that website but the fit was less than ideal and before modifying them to fit I got an idea. I have a 3d printer, why not use it? In the morning my adapter should be complete. The adapter I designed should fit onto the exhaust on my shopvac then it splits into 4 outlets that will each fit one of the charcoal water filters mentioned on that website. I am using 4 in an effort to keep the flow through the system as high as possible in order to keep suction up. This is just me kinda experimenting so it may be a complete failure but I think it will be a fun learning experience either way. Once the print is complete I will do some test fitting, take some pictures, and post them on there for anyone who is interested. If the filter system works well I will post the cad model on grabcad and post a link to it. I assume it would probably take some slight modifications to make it fit on different models of shopvacs but for anyone that knows a little about CAD that should be easily doable. Anyway, sorry to keep you waiting. Believe me, I would have rather been working in the shop than in bed sick haha.

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One thing I didn’t consider is how much 4 filters weighs compared to one or two. I am a little concerned about that much weight hanging that far out and only being supported by the small diameter that slips over the shopvac exhaust port. I am thinking about buying some fiberglass reinforced resin body filler from the local autoparts store and coating the outside in that to give it additional strength. I’m sure it will function as intended but I don’t want it to crack. If anyone has any ideas let me know.


Just wondering how this has worked out. Any updates available? Thanks