Divided Power THC cable for CUT60

Where would one of these be available? My table is used and came with the full power banana plugs.


This is the cable that I need

Thanks, Jeff

It should be the same as any DC power cable for video equipment.

This is the one that I used to replace my torch on/off cable. iGreely 10ft 14AWG 12V DC Extension Cable DC 2.1mm x 5.5mm 5521 Power Supply Adapter Flat Extender Cord,Female to Male Wire for CCTV Security Camera,IP Network Camera,DVRs and More Devices Amazon.com

Just confirm that the barrel connector is the same size as the torch on/off cable.

You’re probably better off with using the raw voltage from that machine, though.


Thank you very much

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I have the same setup and purchased it used, as well. The seller was having issues with firing and finally threw his hands up. Once I set it up and started digging into the problem, I found a pinched wired in the control box which assumably burnt up the resistors in the voltage divider/THC little black box. He also mentioned that he had erratic behavior with the THC since he purchased it. After a little digging, I decided to use the high voltage side of the box, the black/red banana jacks and the other output. It has been working great ever since.
You will need to solder to another set of pins on your connector to get the non-divided voltage output, that goes to the red/black banana jacks, then plug into the other barrel jack on the black box.
There is a document on here that describes what to do, I’ll try and find it and post.
I still get a “lower voltage than expected” warning when I do the THC calibration in Firecontrol but it’s cutting fine. I believe my nominal was around 25V or so.
If you need still need a cable, I have a couple extras, be glad to drop one in the mail to you. But they are just a standard 12v power barrel connector.


where is the cnc port located on the back of the cutter? upper right or lower right? That will determine if you should use divided voltage or RAW.

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Thank you for all of your input

I wired my Cut60 with this for divided voltage:
20AWG 10Ft 2.1mm x 5.5mm Male to Female DC Extension Wire Power Jack Adapter Barrel Plug Cable, Extension Wire

Upper right

you’re good with wiring it divided voltage via the cnc port. The cutters with the port on the lower right had issues so it was recommended to use RAW voltage with some of those units.

Thank you very much … will attack it tonight