Dimple Die Distribution List for Using Bar Drains

Reach out to @MarkWMueller

@ScorchedEarthMW, Thanks for the reach out.

@olddad, Great to make your acquaintance. I’m no expert regarding this process, but believe the soul currently in possession of the die sends to the next in line whenever they’re finished. If that is indeed the case, and me being the next in line, can you please ship whenever convenient to:

Mark W. Mueller
184 Log Hollow Road
Boone, NC 28607
(919) 349-1224

No rush, ship by most reliable and cost effective carrier/method.

Should this not be the process, please advise, and I’ll happily accommodate whatever is required.

So many thanks!


shipping tomorrow


did u get the die?

YES, I received it, many thanks for shipping it promptly.

I apologize for not responding sooner but I was traveling for the past 10 days and live alone, so had no way to confirm until I got back home last night.

One question, I found a Starbucks gift card in the box, wanted to confirm if that was dropped in by mistake and/or what I should do with it?

So many thanks again, best and kind regards,


Hi Mark,

I would like to be next in line on the list please, I am in WI.

I’ll email you, and my email is jmeinholz515@gmail.com

Thank you,

@Bunnies (requested)

You are on the list.

Thank you kindly, much appreciated!

What is the minimum and maximum hole diameter size for these dies to work in?

I ordered Moen 22174 drains, which according to Moen require a 1 1/4" - 1 7/8" hole.

Recommend the “Bar Drains” sold at Lowe’s. My post from Feb 11 has the dimensions of the hole we cut (that works well with the die). There is also a link at the top of this thread that describes the way we finished out the plumbing. Worth a read.

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Thank you so much for all of this information!

It appears to me that Lowe’s no longer offers this same drain, so off to Amazon I go!

Look up Model #K5421 at Lowe’s. That looks like the bar drain we used. The Keeny 2 inch Bar Sink Strainer.

Unfortunately no longer available at Lowe’s

Amazon has them though.