Dimensions and space around the table?

I’ve got a batch 2 XR machine pre-ordered and I’m starting to clear my space.
I found the floor space required as 5.2’ x 9.0’, but I can’t seem to find dimensions of the actual table and how much space you need to leave around the machine between it and the walls. Anyone know this or where I can find it?
Also, how about the total height plus any recommended space to allow? I’m going to put an overhead storage rack partially above the table space and want to make sure I’ve got it high enough.

Langmuire published the complete dimensions somewhere. We set up our XR long end next to the back wall (like NTD did). We set up the frame 17" from the back wall. This will give you 13.5" from the rail mounting brackets to the back wall. That’s about the minimum for a normal human to get back there to make adjustments to linear guide rollers and do maintenance. We had to replace a ball nut hub (luckily on the shop side vs the wall side). So stuff can happen that requires access. If you put it on casters then go nuts.


Thanks for the info, I’ll be doing the same with the long end next to my back wall and will make sure to allow space. Yeah, I’ve watched a lot of NTD’s videos which are pretty helpful. Similar space needed on the left side or can that be closer to the wall?

To be clear on which side is which, assume the touch screen is front left (I don’t know what the convention is).

The drag chain actually takes up another 6 inches or so of space in the home position so plan for that. The left side needs room for the controller and wires. Dunno…seems like these CNC plasmas don’t really fit into corners - you either need dedicated space or casters. Our next mod after drains will be installation of a manifold panel on the front side for wiring and air hookup. We’ll keep the plasma on the front so we’re not stepping on wires as much as we watch the cut. We’ll also put the plasma on a small cart with casters. That way we can easily store the generator when we’re not using it.


I know this is an old post but I’m putting mine together now. How far from the wall does this need to be to clear the X axis drag chain when the X axis is all the way to the right looking at the table from the “front”? 17" from that side does not seem to be enough.

Depends on how fat you are to fit between walls and table. Haha
X-axis doesn’t change width of footprint. You want the end of the table 20" from wall because
of drag chain will need this clearance when carriage is run all the way to rear of table and sides of table where you can walk in-between (depends on how fat you are) Pics of mine.

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Haha in my case dad bod fat but not enough that I can’t suck it in. I had mine 17” from the wall on the opposite side from the computer mount(the right side) and my drag chain was hitting the wall so it looks like I need a lot more room for that to clear when the machine is jogged all the way in that direction. I wish the chain mounting location was further into the channel honestly since the bend radius the wires and plasma torch have to make wouldn’t be affected anyhow I might just do that myself. I’ll get pictures later if it helps clarify what I’m intending to ask.

Just added a photo

You have assembly wrong by looks of your pic, take full pic of your table. Mine is only 6" beyond uprights. when jogged to right side of table. I will post pics in a few minutes .

Look to make sure you don’t have your y axis drag chain on x axis ?

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I think you’re right, I must’ve got my X’s and Y’s mixed up at this stage of the build. Everything else went pretty damn smooth haha. I’ll swap them and see. Thanks, I was actually pondering if I’d swapped them but didn’t know if it’d make much difference other than length which is exactly what I added more length, which also explains why I couldn’t figure out why my X axis limit sensor wire seemed too short to make the full length I was adding around 16” or so to the distance


I switched them around and was able to push my table back to the 17" from the wall. Thanks for the lesson! Should be able to fire a few things up tomorrow!

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