Difficulty reaching the company to order parts (Resolved - parts on the way)

I need to order parts for my Crossfire Pro that are not listed on the web site. I have sent emails and haven’t received a response. The phone number on the web site isn’t working. Has anyone else had difficulty contacting the company?

Did you submit a support request on the support page of the website?

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I need components that aren’t listed on the web site. I received an email from Christopher asking for clarification about specifics. After I replied to his email, I haven’t heard anything back. I am ready to place the order, but since they aren’t listed, I don’t know another way to do so.

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Maybe they can chime in.

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Maybe, I don’t know why their phone isn’t working. I’ve heard they are hard to reach. Must be very busy.

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They offer direct support by ticket submission on the main site for the PRO and phone support for the XR.

What components? There maybe some community recommended replacement parts.

for others…it is best to open a SERVICE request email through the website under “Support”
that way you can send pictures when asked as they can track the progress of the request.
pictures …details of what is wrong…all helps them.


Hey Philip,

I replied to your email back on November 20th, did you receive my response? It looks like you were also speaking to a different tech that same day, as well as this past Friday.

Which exact components are you seeking?

In order to maintain an adequate supply of components, we only provide replacements for those we can confirm have failed; we do not sell spares or backups. We do this to avoid potential instances of machines being down for prolonged periods of time due to an out-of-stock component (we’re more interested in repairing machines than turning a profit on spare parts). Thanks for understanding!


I believe my parts are on the way! Thanks for the response and feedback. No doubt, I was impatient, but when I focus on a project, I have a sense of urgency to get it done. I am old and old school. I prefer talking to someone on the phone vs. messaging, but I understand the effeciency of the latter. It looks like everything I need to get the maching running is on its way. Thanks again!

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glad to hear this…
they are a great company