Different metal finishes you all have tried

Wondering what methods some of you are using. I have did the almost instant rust ( white vinegar, paroxide and salt mixed ) Heating areas with a small propane torch for deep dark blue areas and a big weed burning torch for a all blue finish. Going to try some copper sulfate soon. And paint of course. I have seen some diff finish chemicals online but no idea how well they work. So give up your secrets , myself and many others probably want to know. Thanks Jim

Steel F/X patinas (acid washes of different chemical compositions you spray on & rinse off) and powder coating are my two primary finish methods.

I see they have a starter kit with 5 different kinds. Do they actually look as good as there example pictures? And thanks for the reply.

Pretty cool stuff. There’s another vendor out there too. I started out cleaning the mill scale with an orbital sander. Switched over to flap wheels (60 grit, 80 grit, 120 grit - don’t skip the coarser grits or you’ll go through them pretty quick & burn money). Now I’m using a blast cabinet.

Just watch the videos to get your timing right so you don’t leave the solution on too long. I clear coat with standard stuff from Home Depot vs the 2 part automotive stuff he sells. I also got a plain water pump sprayer at HD too - in the lawn Care chemicals aisle.