Did the latest update now I dont have the simulation tool

Hey Guy’s
Like I said above anyone run into this problem and find a fix? It as Sheetcam update.

Thanks Dean

Dont update to V7.1.24 nothing but problems how can i go back to the last version,frustrated.

I’m away from my computer for a few days, so I can’t help. Maybe @LesNewell can help.

V7.1.24 is a Development version. I HIGHLY recommend that you stay on STABLE versions. If you go to the SheetCam downloads page you can download the stable version. You might want to uninstall the dev version after you save your tool and post processor folders.


If it’s a development version why did it keep poping up when I opened Sheetcam to update I didn’t go to the the website and do it.Now the screen is totally black.

My guess is that your previous version was also a development version. But, I’ll stick with my recommendation.


You can download the stable version from the SheetCam website downloads page.
I will be uploading a new development version update that should fix most of the problems in the next hour or so.

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Do i have to save my tools and files?

The stable version installs independently. That means you will have both versions after installing it. You can then save your tools from the dev version and load them into the stable version. You’ll also need to install your license on the stable version. This is allowed as long as both are on the same computer.
I have just uploaded the new dev version with lots of fixes.

Ok should I stay with the updated you fixed or go back to the old one

Thanks , Loaded the newest update everything seems to be working ok, the simulation tool is different but works fine .
Thanks Les