Did i F this up

Have new crossfire pro with primeweld cut60. Only issue is 2nd gen so not sure if its wired different i didnt think so but the entire machine works from the z-axis on up only issue is I’m getting zero voltage on THC when trying to run manual cut it’ll trigger solenoid but not Arc. I switched back to the torch that came with it from the machine torch and same thing but when I squeeze the trigger it cuts. Also when I do so there’s a constant blinking yellow light on the computer and it seems to straighten that up or stop it from blinking at least when triggers depressed. Upon checking the wires I tapped into for raw voltage when I squeeze trigger aren’t registering to anything so I checked the bottom ones instead and with trigger activated those hit. Did I just wire to the wrong ones? Haven’t been able to get this machine running for a single minute but I have a feeling it’s something simple I have read all I can on here a lot of similar problems but nothing that has solve mine

I went for it and now im finally activating air through torch but stilll no arc?

Apologies, it is hard to understand what you’re saying.

It’s either the grammar or sentence structure.

I hope this helps as I wired my CUT60 raw as well using this.

PrimeWeld Raw Voltage Cable Installation.pdf (2.3 MB)


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Is your plasma throwing any codes?

You’re likely issues are that your air pressure is too low.


There is something wrong with your consumable pack.


Your torch Mount is gripping too hard on the barrel of the torch in the wrong place and causing consumables to not be able to move properly internal

Sounds like the blowback start is not working.


I will piggyback on the air pressure too low as being one possible reason.

Even just getting the torch to fire, you need the same air pressure as if you were cutting regularly.

If you need, I can take apart my plasma cutter today as I had planned to rewire it to look “professional” versus stupid wires pulled through the vents.

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Do you happen to own a DeLorean as well?

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So you’re saying that the cutter will fire when pressing the trigger on the original hand torch but doesn’t fire from within firecontrol?

wiring it for RAW voltage has nothing to do with how the cutter fires. Did you also solder the torch on/off cable wires to the cnc port on the back of the cutter?

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You will need 100psi to the back of the plasma cutter. Then set the switch on the front of the plasma cutter to set air. Set air to at least 65psi then set switch to cut. Pull trigger and you should get a pilot arc. Also machine torch’s some times take 5psi more to trigger then hand torch’s.


I’m aware you need more psi when utilizing the UPM-105 machine torch, but can you cite where you found this information regarding the PTM-60 assuming that’s the machine torch you’re referring to?

That would all depend on how long you want me to set and type all that out on here as I only type with 2 fingers. :laughing:

Now let me try and cover this in a short. Testing, testing with different torch’s, testing with different plasma cutters, taking different torch’s apart, looking at the different components between quality and Chinese torch’s, air line sizes, wire sizes, the way they are made, etc. and some times its the users air systems like feed line sizes.

So over the last say 30+ years in the business I have learned a few things.

But don’t get me wrong here as some times I am wrong on all counts. :rofl: :crazy_face:


Man, based on your response it’s as if I’m supposed to know who you are.

I make no assumptions of any user here or any other forum I’m on; it’s fair you do the same.

I do appreciate you bringing many years of experience however, which makes you the perfect person to answer this question though which you still haven’t.

If we take, what we assume would be the PTM-60 in question, along with the included IPT-60, what exactly is it that requires more PSI in one than the other? That’s the question here.

Fact is, both torches are Italian-made Tecmo torches assembled in and with components from China.

Would it not be fair to say that both torches utilize the same air lines, wiring, etc. considering from a manufacturing standpoint, it would be cheaper for PrimeWeld to purchase from one source?

Also, and this is because I have never taken apart a torch thus lacking your experience, wouldn’t the IPT-60 require slightly more pressure instead of less due to the 90 degree bend at the nozzle end compared to the PTM-60?

I’m only applying what I know from a visual standpoint, and what was shared from PrimeWeld regarding their torches and their components.

Outside of that, I have no knowledge or experience and was wanting to know why the PTM-60 recommends more (based on you).

First Primeweld does not sell Tecmo torch’s they sell Tecmo style torch’s as of when I last worked with them. A real PT40, PT60 or a PTM60 are Tecmo torch’s made in Italy as I sell them. A IPT40, IPT60, IPTM60 are made by Innotec not Tecmo. Then of coarse there are the torch’s made in China that use the IPT wording for there torch’s. Like the IPT45 and 65 that are on the Harbor Freight plasma cutters.

Now why does it take more air to fire a machine torch then a hand torch.
Here is a picture of a Tecmo hand torch head
PT head
as you can see as the plunger only need to lift the black/negative/power wire up a little way to fire the torch. Now if you thing about a machine torch head the negative power wire can not be straight up and down or it would not work. So to make it work they put a loop in the wire so it can move a lot easier with out binding. Now as I stated it all depends on who makes it, the quality and stiffness of the wire used on the hand or machine torch as to the air required to lift the electrode of the cutting tip (positive) to make the spark to light the pilot.

I really hope this makes sense.

If you would like me to explain it to you better in terms that will be a little more understanding. You are more then welcome to give me a call during working hours.



All I wanted were facts, as to why and you provided it.

So thank you for getting technical.

Like I mentioned in my post I was aware and knew that they were assembled in China using Chinese parts however, I was also told that they were Italian made torches as far as the torch assembly goes.

It’s unfortunate that they’re being advertised (as well as being told on the phone) that they are Italian made.

Sorry OP for deviating your thread so much.

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On the real Innotec torch’s they do or did use the Tecmo torch head but all the other components are Asian.
For example here is a picture of the real and copy.


Oh man; you’re making me want to take apart my hand torch to check.

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