Demo mode not working

Sorry for TL;DR

I downloaded Mach3 demo at work to learn it before my Table came in. After finding out my PRO will ship with a different software package, I decided to keep it and put it on my cheap cnc router from China.
It came with usbcnc and with firewire/usb it worked fine on my XP machine.

While waiting on a 25 pin cable to connect router, I played with Mach3 at work and DRO moved, files ran, followed tool paths everything I expected a demo to do (not hooked to any hardware).

Fast forward to last weekend, everything turned off, hooked up 25 pin cable and followed all directions to the tee (I assume). Even ran the test drive parallel port program and passed.

The arrow keys wouldnt work and noticed an issue with reset function and then swapped inputs for e-stop switch (figured axis wouldn’t move in a E-stop condition) and that fixed the reset problem and e-stop is out, push in and it triggers reset on MACH3 screen.

It loads and will run a program BUT no DRO changes (3 axis) NO movement of stepper motors. I swapped key board out and even used a different usb for keyboard

Any ideas? Supposedly the router came with a “hacked” version of Mach3 and I didnt want it to corrupt a real install so I never messed with it.

Only thing router does is it moves the Y axis real quick at startup (1/4 second maybe)

Any ideas?

If I disconnect cable from computer, Mach3 still doesnt want to “fake move” with DRO


Well, I have been doing a little more work and apparently these cheap knock offs that steal and hack software will not/ may not work with legit software.

I have a few more things to try, wish me luck because this may have been a $$$ mistake for me

Did you buy mach3 and thats the $ mistake or the other machine was the mistake

Other machine, I knew about Mach3 before hand and on the board is where I found out about pirated versions. Was hoping to test on Demo and then buy a license. But Mach3 wont do anything on my home XP setup, so I will try to delete all the other software completely (as well as any files dtaed close to install date) and then run virus software and do a clean install of Mach3 Demo in a couple weeks.
I have lots to do before my Pro shows up