Dell computer SLOW

Was the dell computer that was sold from Langmuir systems supposed to be intended just for running the crossfire and mach3 software? I’m using it for design and this is the slowest computer I have ever operated! Is there a more suitable option that’s faster/affordable or am I the only one having issues with it taking 5+ minutes for it to trim one line

It is only intended to run mach 3 and the crossfire from what I know. Even my high end home pc chugs sometimes with fusion.

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Laptops (except high $ gaming ones) will be somewhat slow with Fusion due to the graphics card. Fusion will use the GPU to do a lot of rendering work and laptops tend not to have really capable graphic cards/GPUs.

You can improve speed some with more RAM and an SSD but the rendering gets limited by your graphics processor which you can’t usually upgrade in a laptop.

2D applications like Inkscape, Corel or Illustrator don’t put quite the same load on the graphics card as a 3D package like Fusion so might be a good option for design. Then save as SVG or DXF and use Fusion just for the toolpathing & G-code generation.

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What’s the best bang for my buck I’ll keep the laptop for running Mach 3 and the crossfire but obviously I need something that can run fusion without it taking me forever to design a simple piece any suggestions or guidelines of things a computer should have to run the software smoothly?

I use a Dell 7000 Series 2 in 1 laptop at my table. I have two programs on it, Mach 3 and Fusion 360. I like to be able to walk up to my table, design a simple part and be cutting in less than 5 minutes. This laptop has a solid state drive, 8 GB of RAM, and the new AMD Ryzen 4 core, 8 thread processor with the new Vega graphics. It has the 13.3 inch touchscreen and functions flawlessly… The only thing that uses all of the available power is running a tool path simulation. I paid $700 for it on Amazon and couldn’t be happier. For my extensive drawing projects, I’ll go to my desktop computer with Quadro graphics. I also added a stainless steel shield for my laptop and a mouse pad extension because Fusion is a nightmare without a mouse… :grinning:


Awesome layout. Good idea for the mouse pad extension on the table.