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Was blowing a little time today on the interwebs… Came across an open source nesting “software for laser cutters, plasma cutters, and other CNC machines.”

This is not an add nor am I affiliated with them in any way… Just thought I’d pass along the information for those interested…

Only got a chance to play around with it for a little while. Requires a little patience but, if you want to optimise material usage, it may help you out…

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Thanks for posting…I’m going to check that out. I bought sheetcam for my nesting - but this could be interesting as well.

:+1: After playing with it - it’s kinda cool. I may use this for some stuff. It’s a little clunky with the interface, but I like how it creates several possible nests. Thanks!

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We will do a live stream a 9am mst (12 noon est ) That is going to talk about using the free software

Deep nest is a great open source nesting software for your SVG’s and DXF’s

We will walk through creating some simple DXF’s and exporting them from Fusion 360. Then we will import them in, create a nest and export the new nest. Finally inserting that nest back in Fusion 360 or SheetCAM.

A shout out to @KX9M a long time forum user that originally posted about using

Live Stream Channels

Edit: well having a glickly time with my feed. some bits of the stream went to twitch. I’ll try to fix my computer troubles and stream again soon.


Going to try that stream again.