DeepNest IO import issue

I’ve been using Deepnest with success for some time but I’ve recently ran into an issue.

When I export a dxf from Fusion by right clicking on the sketch below the sketches folder, I get a rather large file and no option to select convert to polylines. A way around this I’ve found is to extrude the file and create a flat pattern after converting to a sheet metal part and then exporting the flat file as a dxf.

The problem, in this case, is that the file I am trying to import into deepnest has some open-ended straight cuts that I can’t extrude and therefore can not export as a part of a flat pattern.

The same file exported from sketch to dxf is 2000kb approx. The same file exported as a flat pattern is 170kb minus the straight lines (converted to polylines). Deepnest keeps freezing when I try to import the larger file.

Anyone else have this problem and a workable solution?