Decent laptop to run fusion 360

Just ordered a Cross Fire Pro and a newbi to CAD I’m wonder what kind of graphics card, processor and ram I need on a laptop to run fusion 360. I’m on a budget and trying not to buy a real expensive laptop if I don’t have to. Any recommendations would be helpful

Unless you have alot of patience…Get the best you can afford. new or used. A gaming laptop or desktop would work well. Mach3 about any thing will run it good.

Thanks. I was looking at some gaming laptops., fusion minimum hardware requirements

I haven’t had any problems with a 450 dollar dell laptop with 8 gig of ram and windows 10 to run what I need for the plasma table. I think you don’t need the real graphics processing unless your doing advanced product modelling with motion simulation.

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Thanks for all the feed back.

Wait till cyber will have some good deals.

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Thanks for the heads up. I never thought about that. :+1:

Here’s on I was looking at. Does anyone know if this will be suitable?

I’d be hesitant with the i5 Core chip - I’d prefer an i7 Core.

I’d echo the Cyber Monday sales advice. Dell had some screaming great deals last year on super machines in this same kind of price range.

I’m definitely going to wait till then. Thanks for the input

I run it with an I3 chip, NO issues…Unless I have 30 things open… 15 things, fine…

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I run fusion 360 on a Levono L340 i3. Sub $400 new at Office Depot or cheaper elsewhere. I have an old Dell laptop that I use just for the CNC running Mach3. I have seen those used for less than $100.

For some reason, Mach3 didn’t like the Levono… newer windows 10 system?

I use a macbook for most of my design. The key to fusion 360 is turn off show profile while editing a sketch. Only turn it on when you are ready to check your work or just prior to extrude. My garage computer is a $260 Lenovo and it runs fusion just fine… As long as that show profile is turned off. If you try to edit a sketch with the profile turned on you’ll want to smash your computer. Hell even the MacBook pro has issues occasionally with big drawings with the profile on. To answer your question, get what you can afford and keep that profile off until your ready. Make some adjustments and toggle it on and off. It’ll run smooth as butter.

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Thanks for all the recommendation. Can’t wait for my pro to come. I missed batch 1 by a day.