Dead plasma or dead table electronics?

So I feel like an idiot for not testing out the razor weld 45 before I wired it up for the torch firing on the cnc. (Was waiting on 220 extension cord). I have everything hooked up for the air and power, but I’m getting absolutely nothing. I hear the air going to the table and hear the table click when I hit the manual fire, but I have nothing coming from the torch head. No arc or air when I pull the trigger either. Is it possible I wired it wrong or is it the plasma machine?

Unhook everything from the plasma cutter to the table. Make sure you have 220 or more volts, 100psi of air to the plasma cutter. Then pull the trigger on the torch, it should pilot arc. If it does then you have it hooked up wrong to the table.


Thank you will try tonight

yes my air was dirty. i ran a new inline filter and it fixed it. Thanks