Dashboard stats in Fireshare are all gone - SOLVED

I’ve had a login with Fireshare for 2-3 years, have added plenty of ‘likes’ to refer back to later. When I am logged into Fireshare now, absolutely all stats are blank, zero liked projects. Pretty damn frustrating since there are over a 1200+ projects. I have no desire to go back through them again. Any new likes I add are NOT saved going forward.

What changed, what got screwed up in the past few weeks or month?

The Fireshare page was broken for several weeks and only recently repaired. The stats may have gotten lost in repairing whatever was wrong with it.

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Everything’s probably being consolidated from the buyout.

I just confirmed and mine is the same: all Likes are gone.

Well the dashboard is worthless now. Even new likes aren’t put into the dashboard.

I also wish users would stop posting .nc files only with no design files which to me is also worthless since the .nc files don’t have the path rules I want. I put everything through Sheetcam, have path rules for holes and perimeter curves for better cutting.

Yet another online resource that gets effed up. Companies just can’t leave well enough alone.

We’re looking into this now, thanks for alerting us to the issue!

Should all be fixed now, thanks!


Well I do appreciate it, but everything prior to a week ago is gone. Only the few from past couple days show as saved likes. It is what it is I guess.

Shame it was marked solved because it isn’t in actuality. Yes going forward likes will be saved, but 2-3 years of past saved likes are all gone. Oh well.

It’s marked solved because there is nothing more to be done about it.

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