Cutting voltage lost issue

XR table, Hypertherm 85 machine torch. I cut with this set up almost every day. Today was cutting a bracket and about 2" into my initial cut I am losing cut voltage. Getting the “cutting voltage lost during cut” error. I have had this before, and is usually easily remedied by moving my ground around on the plate or the table, etc. I have tried, 45 amp tips, 85 amp tips, different thickness of plate - 10 gauge to 1/4", different programs, etc. I made a 4" square and a 4" circle program just to test it out, and I lose the voltage about 2" into every cut, doesn’t seem to matter. I updated my firmware (running V21.1.4) reset machine connection, reset THC, turned everything off and back on several times…

Have been running this machine for several years and have basically had no real issues or was able to troubleshoot them on our own for the most part.

Any ideas?

thank you!

Will it cut with THC turned off?

I have the same setup. Followed troubleshooting steps with similar problem. I just needed a replacement THC Module. Good luck :+1:t4: THC Module Troubleshooting