Cutting titanium, amps and speed recommendation?

Anyone cut any titanium on their crossfires yet? I know it’s possible, just don’t know at what amps and speeds. Probably around 1/8” material for knives

Is it safe to cut Ti with a plasma cutter? I never thought about it before.

It’s usually cut underwater for clean cuts and to minimize discoloration. If you cut it on the Crossfire do a test run to determine the best settings. If you have a Hypertherm torch try starting with the Aluminum settings chart but about 20% faster. If you’re using a different torch try starting with your normal Aluminum settings and increase the speed in 5% steps.


I’d use nitrogen to cut it, and possibly build a purge box around it so it’s surrounded by inert gas. Not sure on specifics, but that’s where I’d start.

Agreed, it will oxidize like crazy if you don’t use an inert gas to protect it similar to how you would weld it