Cutting thick aluminum + unsquare bevel

Hi everyone,

I’ve been getting really nice cuts on different thin materials 16Ga and under (aluminum, brass, steel, stainless). See video for test cut coupons after dialing things in nicely.

However, I recently tried cutting 1/8’’ and 1/4’’ aluminum with some challenges.

I’m using a Hypertherm 30XP, finecut consumables with THC. My cut height is 0.030’’ (recommended by Jim Colt for the finecut consumables).

I have several questions I’m hoping to get some opinions on:

  1. It looks like thick aluminum results in a lot of fine/fuzzy dust and dross. Is this normal?

  2. I’m noticing excessive parallel bevel, but only on the X axis sides. Consumables are very new. I’ve noticed that the hand torch has a lot of play specifically in the X axis (pretty rigid in the Y) and I suspect this is causing the problem. What do people do to ensure their torch stays square anytime it’s removed and re-seated?

Pictures/videos attached here:


It looks like you are moving too slowly. Try another coupon and speed it up by 10 or 15 ipm.
Make sure you don’t have aluminum funk
on your nozzle tip. I use Mig welder tip jelly. It will keep the dreaded funk off the tip. Let the comedian’s comments begin.


I started using this stuff. It seems to work well. Not cheap but a little goes a long way.


Thanks, I’ll try upping the speed and grab one of these cans.

You just spray it all over the nozzle and shield when it’s attached to your torch?