Cutting simple text

Ok I’m throwing out a life line. I’m making a simple clamp rack and I thought I’d try cutting some text into the design. I’m not looking to anything fancy. just some simple stencil font. The problem I am having is, I completed the rack and I can’t seem to be able to put the text on the face in order to extrude/cut it through the main body. I’ve tried to select the face i want to draw on…and still I can’t seem to extrude the profile. I can see it. But when I try to extrude… I get a warning that the part im making is not visible. It tells me to toggle on… but I can’t seem to figure out where to toggle it on. I even tried to just extrude a simple rectangle… and I get the same thing. I don’t know where I’m going wrong. I for the life of me cannot figure out the views and timelines in 360. Can someone point me in the right direction or suggest a video or something?

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okay…I figured it out sort of. LOL. Meaning I got it drawn but I’m not sure what I was doing wrong before. Just started messing around and bang…it worked. Guess I should have paid more attention. Question though: is there a way to precisely place the text box? It wasn’t readily apparent .

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When you added your text did you explode text after you had it where you wanted it ?

To tell the truth I’m not sure. I know I tried it one of the times I couldn’t get it to work… but I think I did this last time that actually worked. Honestly my biggest problem is navigating the views and the timelines. More tutorials for this rookie

I know all about that rookie thing. The way I learned text is I just drew squares, circles … Added text to them. Sized them, exploded text then connected any letters that would have peices drop out it needed to keep, delete and do again. A few times and text became simple.

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Having the same problem of pieces dropping out like for instance the center of an “O”. How do you “connect” as you put it?

First way to solve this problem is to use a stencil type of font. These are designed to to keep centers in as you cut them by the way of “bridges” built into the font… Like this…

If you’ve got a font that you like and it doesn’t contain those “bridges” you will need to add them into your drawing manually… There are many good videos on Youtube explaining exactly how to do this for almost any drawing program available…

Good luck!! Let us know how you make out!


Thanks for the clear explanation. Not completely necessary to have a specific font for now but feel like this is something that I will HAVE to know eventually so I will check out youtube to learn how.

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