Cutting Problem

Any help appreciated…

When I load the program to cut it starts cutting fine but the torch doesn’t move the full length of the program loaded into fire control, so it begins cutting over itself. Never had this issue before. It looks good when loaded… I did a dry run and it is not moving the full length. Just kind of staying in the same area and “cutting”.

Anyone else experience this?

Can you manually move the torch the full length in firecontrol?

yes It moves fine manually at 100 and 200 ipm but when i set it to 300 ipm it kind of jams up a bit

Is it binding on the Y axis or X axis? You will have to go back and recheck all the adjustments on rollers IF Y axis is binding and readjust X axis bearings if X axis is binding. Check belt tensions as well !

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the x axis is the part binding at 300 ipm. I am going to double up the washers and see if that resolves tension issues

I would recheck the bearing settings on X axis carriage Reference back to (Tramming Z axis Video) If the bearings are too tight you will get binding. I would also go back and realign the X axis ball screws assembly, had to go back and realign mine after 4 hours of use when first assembled table, no binding since been 2 years now trouble-free operation.
The bearing settings are touchy on the X axis carriage due to X axis tube not being completely square in spots (mine would bind up in two areas of the tube), so have to compensate for this when adjusting the bearing tensions.

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