Cutting prepainted .040" pvc coated aluminum

Hi, would appreciate some advice if anyone has done this with a Razor weld 45
Years ago with an Esab CNC I cut .040 white pre painted aluminum with PVC on one side.
We had fantastic success.
With the razor weld, I will turn down to about 20 amps, drop pierce time to .1 sec and lower air pressure. (hoping this will work)
If you have ever attempted please shout out.
Thank you.

It should work fine as long as you get a good clean spot to put the work clamp. Getting the amps and speed down may take some testing to get it just right. Also find some way to hold the sheet down to stop it from moving on you . Some pieces of 1/2" plate layed on it outside the cut area should help.

Cut in a WELL ventilated area as the PVC will produce chlorine gas.

cool…never been exposed to that…or maybe I have…what are we chatting …squirll!!!

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Your survivors will know when you have…

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thanks for the info. I will take your advice. And yes a 48" fan within 6’ exhausting thru the wall.
I have the THC controller, any idea of how much it will adjust vertically while in a cut?
Thank you,