Cutting on yellow tool path

plasma cuter still cutting on yellow transfer line of tool path when trying to cut a part out. I have my federates at 90ipm and stay down federate at 300ipm. Toolpaths look fine just trying to figure out why its cutting on yellow transfer line thanks for any advice.

Do you have points on the lines of the outline and the hole? They might be linked (did you add a constraint between the two objects?).

I would delete either one of the objects and recreate it - sometimes finding one of those cross-linked nodes is a bear to find and on simple designs it’s often quicker to just recreate. I can’t count the number of times I spent 3 hours tracking down down a design issue only to realize I could have re-done the design in 10 minutes :blush:

Does your plasma cutter have a 4t/2t switch? Almost every time I’ve seen this issues the plasma was set to 4t rather than 2t.


+1 - dope slap to my forehead forgot thinking of that. Hope it’s the OP’s problem because that’s an easy fix.