Cutting material 1/4 and 3/16

my cross fire cut at and angle right or left nesting 3/16 metal at 40 ipm and 1/4 metal at 20 ipm 45 amp razor weld. beautiful except angle on edges? help

Check your torch is perfectly straight. It may look straight but could be a little off. I had the same issue, I put some metal on the table then used a square edge to align the torch holder to the material.

thanks I,ve not used it in awhile I just saw on you tube new torch cures a lot of these problems x45?

it cuts left to right angle in y and left to right in x ?

it changes angle with direction

where did you make correction bend the holder?

Is the angle along X the same for different Y? Say, if you have a certain lean at x 20, y 0, is that the same angle you’d have at x 20, but y 25, for instance? Could your work surface not be level?

You will have this with a hand torch on a table. Getting it plum with the metal and table will take some time and then you have to do it all over every time you change consumables on most torch’s.

This is why people use a machine torch.

Machine torch as in the new style torch on the pro?

who makes a good torch for LS crossfire?

What plasma cutter do you have?

Razor weld cut 45

Their are 3 CNC machine torch’s that will work on that plasma cutter.
Their is the PTM60, and The UPM105/X45 and the TM70/X45

witch is the best in your openion

Well all three will work. I like the PTM60 as you can get more sizes of consumables then the X45 style torch’s. But that would be your call on that.

Hi George just a quick question on the torches are the machine torches you sell the pm60 and 70 are they plug and play or do I need to wire them up ? Also what size fine cut consumables are available for them

The PTM60 will be plug and play if I know what plasma cutter it is for.

Consumables for the PTM60 torch.

Sorry forgot to add razor weld 45 x45 torch

Thanks do u have any of the ptm60 torches available ? I just checked the eBay shop I did not see them also what size kerf is the fine cut consumables for the ptm60 and it’s a razor weld 45

Yes I do have PTM60 torch’s. They are not listed on ebay.

You can find this and other useful information on my web sit under (all about plasma cutting)

NOTE: Orifice hole size 1mm = .03937"

20 amp tip - 0.6mm/.025" - 15 to 20 amps - 50 to 55 psi

30 amp tip - 0.8mm/.030" - 21 to 30 amps - 55 to 60 psi

40 amp tip - 0.9mm/.035" - 31 to 40 amps - 65 to 70 psi

50 amp tip - 1.0mm/.040" - 41 to 50 amps - 65 to 75 psi

60 amp tip - 1.1mm/.044" - 51 to 60 amps - 65 to 75 psi

70 amp tip - 1.2mm/.047" - 61 to 70 amps - 75 to 80 psi

80 amp tip - 1.3mm/.051" - 71 to 80 amps - 75 to 80 psi

Or check with your owners manual for settings.