Cutting letters/names into a 7 foot crosscut saw blade

I was wondering if I make say a 7 foot long by 6 inches tall rectangle in fusion can i break it up into 3 tap files? I will be using about 5 feet of it to cut on. Im sure if I only create a tool path for each name it will only cut that file . Main Q -> And also if i rotate it 1/4 turn in fusion before i post process it will the tap file cut at that 1/4 turn? Im new to this fancy stuff so im asking to save time experimenting. Any info or easy ways of doing this appriciated. Thanks Jim.

If I were you I would definitely get some cardboard and zip tie a sharpie onto the torch and test out how large your letters should be. You can cut out the outline with sissors and place the letters on the saw to figure out the exact size you want. It would be a shame of you accidentally made them to large or short and wasted the large saw blade. You could even use a sharpie and run the mach 3 program on the saw blade with your plasma off to test it out but you will need to clean all the sharpie off with like acetone or something when your done cutting the letters out. Good luck man.

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