Cutting issues at higher speeds

I had programed a cut file for 20 gauge galvanized sheet metal for wafer can light templates. I’m using a hypertherm powermax 85 set at 40amp and fine cut consumables. The hypertherm cut speed for 20 gauge is 325ipm. I have the program to cut a full sheet of templates of 4x8 at one time. I homed machine and then moved machine torch a little more off limits. Zeroed the machine and you can do a dry run. When it gets through the program the machine will get and hit limits. I’m getting some sloop in the start stopping of torch but not sure were start. There is a lot of cutting on a full sheet sheetcam report shows around 99 yards of total cutting. Going to talk with Cameron but thought maybe someone could chime before I call.

check and make sure the big nut that holds the pulley on the stepper motor isnt loose.

@Pavelka01 As something quick to inspect, check the nut that holds the larger pulley onto the motor. Make sure that the pulley does not slip on the motor when there is holding torque. Another thing to check would be the hub that this pulley mounts to. It is secured to the stepper motor with 2 set screws. These set screws are torqued at the factory during assembly including loctite but it’s something to check if you are getting lost motion. I’m assuming this is on the X axis correct?

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I’m guessing that’s it I was able to back the pulley off limits without shutting power off. When I get back to the table will check that first. Thanks