Cutting into product when starting to cut out object

Hey. I’m new to the forum and have a question that I can’t seem to figure out. My dad has a crossfire pro table and razor 45 I believe. I’m trying to cut multiple pieces( all the same) from 1 sheet of steel. My issue is that when the torch starts to cut out the pieces, it dips into the piece I want cut out. So on every piece, it has a little notch cut out from the torch. Does anyone have a solution for this?



your pierce delay is most likely to long…as well as plunge rate…plunge rate should be close to 60 ipm…that often leave a little circle at the start of every cut.

Are you using fire controls manual nest to cut the multiple pieces?

Sometime fire control misinterprets the overall size of your piece and when you do manual nest it will overlap slightly.

A picture would help greatly with diagnosing the problem. Right now, everyone is guessing at what you mean by “it dips into the piece I want to cut out”.

That could mean your lead-in is on the wrong side of the line, you don’t have a lead-in and you’re seeing the pierce hole in your part, you have the parts nested wrong, etc.


That’s my guess from his “notch” comment. A divot is just about always caused by one of the factors you note. :+1:

Hi. You can see on the left side the green v where the cutter starts and exits the piece. Doesnt matter which direction the piece is it always gets that little notch cut out of it.


You’re cutting on the wrong side of the line. You have an inside offset and you need to change it to outside offset, so those lead-in/lead-out marks are on the waste. Your parts will also come out the correct size.


Awesome. I will try that. Thank you very much for the help!!

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