Cutting in-between holes

i just tried to do my first cut and i followed the videos on the architectural plate…and my machine kept cutting in-between all the holes…did i miss something in setup?

Is your cutter set to 2T?

If you can, post your G code file here.

it wont let me this pops up when I try

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).

Try just copying and pasting the text. Is your cutter set to 2t?

im a newb…i don’t know what that means…how do i know if its set to 2T?

There is a button on the faceplate of the 45 that allows you to toggle between 2T and 4T torch firing. 2T requires the trigger to be held and depressed in order to keep the torch fired. With 4T, the trigger can be pulled and released and the torch will stay on until the trigger is pulled again.

it was in 4t…was that my issue?

Most likely, yes. Try to cut it again and see if it cuts between the holes.

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that was the problem thanks for the speedy reply…did you guys upload a cutting chart/ setting chart or is that common knowledge that can be found online?

Unforunately there arent any published cut charts for the razorweld machines.

What material thickness are you cutting?

i just cut the architectural plate out of 1/8" mild steel…it cut decent at 100 in/min and i had the amperage set at 40amps…but some reason the start/stop points didn’t connect…not sure what went wrong there

Typically that issue is caused by insufficient pierce delay. Try using a 1 second pierce delay. What do your lead-ins look like?

100 inches per minute is roughly what i would use. Did you have much bottom side dross?

i bumped the pierce delay up to 1second and it fixed the start/stop issue…there was quite a bit of bottom dross yes

thanks again for the speedy replies!